About Natural Technology

Natural Technology is affiliated with the interdisciplinary organization Center for Children and Nature and is supported by Nordea-fonden.

Natural Technology is anchored in the research program Future Technology, Culture and Learning, located at DPU, Aarhus University, Campus Emdrup and SDU is a secondary partner.


In 2019 we have gone even further with project Natural Technology. We have had contact and visited many places in the country during the year, and gained more and new knowledge about natural technology.


Project manager 

Theresa Schilhab

Neurobiologist, Senior doctorate and Associate professor

Gertrud Lynge Esbensen

Anthropologist and Postdoctoral researcher



Jonas Vestergaard Nielsen

Sports researcher og Postdoctoral researcher at SDU

Theodor got a great nature bonus on a Pokémon trip

When 11-year-old Theodor was on a Pokémon hunt in Hellebæk, Denmark, he found more than just virtual monsters. He discovered a great big black adder. Theodor has always found reptiles and insects fascinating, and therefore has also learned how to handle such a creature. So naturally, the black adder had to be taken home and presented, before it could be released again.

This story is an appropriate example of apps such as Pokémon GO, giving children and adolescents plenty of opportunity to get in touch with nature and experience the world in new ways through technology. See Theodor's experience of nature with the Danish black adder here.

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