Project Publications in English

  • Balling, G., Schilhab, T. & Esbensen, G. L. (2022). Place – Play – Participation. Mobile technology as enhancement of children’s interest in and experience with nature and cultural history. Conjunctions: transdisciplinary journal of cultural participation.

  • Schilhab, T. (2021). Nature Experiences in Science Education in School: Review Featuring Learning Gains, Investments, and Costs in View of Embodied Cognition. Front. Educ., 10 December 2021 | Read here

  • Schilhab, T. & Esbensen, G. L. (2021). Outdoor learning with apps in Danish open education. In: Marcus-Quinn, A. & Hourigan, T. (red.). Handbook for Online Learning Contexts: Digital, Mobile and Open. Springer, 99-113. | Read here

  • Schilhab, T. & Esbensen, G. L. (2019). Socio-Cultural Influences on Situated Cognition in Nature. Frontiers in psychology, 10(980). | Read here

In Progress

  • Esbensen, G., Schilhab, T. & Balling, G. (2023) Smart technology in nature-based learning – embodied and situated processes. In: Embodied Learning and Teaching using the 4E Cognition Approach: Exploring Perspectives in Teaching Practices. Routledge.

Other Relevant Publications

  • Levratto, V., Suminas, A., Schilhab, T. & Esbensen, G. L. (2021). Smartphones: Reading habits and Overuse. A qualitative study in Denmark, Lithuania and Spain. Educación XX1 24(2), 167-188

  • Læssøe, J., Anderson, S. D., Esbensen, G. L., Prevót, A. C., Martin, L., Hedblom, M., Mårtenson, F. & Ode-Sang, Å. (2020). Children Education and Nature Based Solutions: Research Review Report. Regreen, 74

  • Schilhab, T. (2020). An embodied perspective on the use of digital technologies in nature.

  • Schilhab, T., Esbensen G. L., Levratto, V. & Suminas, D. (2020). Phone use, offline neglect, and reachability: A qualitative study in Denmark, Lithuania, and Spain. Human Technology.

  • Stevenson, M. P., Dewhurst, R. C., Schilhab, T. & Bentsen, P. (2019). Cognitive Restoration in Children Following Exposure to Nature: Evidence From the Attention Network Task and Mobile Eye Tracking. Frontiers in Psychology 10(42)

  • Schilhab, T., Stevenson, M. P., & Bentsen, P. (2018). Contrasting screen-time and green-time: a case for using smart technology and nature to optimize learning processes. Frontiers in Psychology, 9(773)

  • Stevenson, M. P., Schilhab, T. & Bentsen, P. (2018). Attention Restoration Theory II: a systematic review to clarify attention processes affected by exposure to natural environments. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part B: Critical Reviews. 21(4), 227-268

  • Stevenson, M. P., Schilhab, T. & Bentsen, P. (2018). Balancing screen time with green time: attention retention theory helps explain why nature play helps learning.

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